[Disclaimer: Wikipedia also provides data about me. However some of it is not verified by me.]  My wife : Patricia Peschken (26. January 2006 - present) I was born June 9, 1955 in Nuembrecht, North Rhine- Westphalia Germany, grew up in Moers, Rhein.  My parents are Cornelius-Johannes Peschken (passed away 1997)  and Renate-Maria Peschken. I am a professional film cameraman (16mm and 35mm, Arriflex, Panavision Panaflex) TV producer, director and wrote 2 screenplays.  I have been in Film / Radio & TV since 1974.  From 1994 until early 2009 I lived in Los Angeles.  Since early 2009 my wife and I live in Grafton, Wisconsin, near Lake Michigan. I am a professionally trained Film-Camera Assistant (1974-76 at Germany based Newsreel / Filmwochenschau 'Blick in die Welt" “View into the world’, and later became a Film Cameraman, and a certified Radio Broadcast Audio Engineer (earned during my service at the 'Bundeswehr' (German Federal Defense Force) at their own Radio Station "Radio  Andernach", Early career (1974-1988): I was involved in the German Radio & TV industry from 1974 until 1988.  I hosted numerous LIVE Radio Broadcasts for Hessischer Rundfunk and SWF 3 (one of Germany's leading , state operated Radio Networks at that time). In 1984, when the media laws in Germany changed, I was among the first Television producers that were granted a private broadcast license by the AKK (Anstalt fuer Kabelkommunikation, Ludwigshafen) from the government of Rhineland-Palatinate, to broadcast private, commercial television and radio programs. I then produced and hosted more than 100 episodes of my own weekly TV show " Tonight Special Talkshow" and a daily Radio program.  Later I was employed by 'Radio 4 Rosa Welle (a private Radio Network owned by 'Blitz Tip Verlag' Frankfurt)' as LIVE host, narrator and radio commercial author & producer. Between 1986 and 1988 I was General Manager of a 35 mm film production company.  I photographed, directed, produced, edited (35mm Flatbed Steenbeck, and 16mm) theatrical commercials.  website & videoclips (c) copyright 2012 by Christian Peschken - All rights reserved